Saturday, March 11, 2017

5 totally WTF unlock able characters in videogames

The characters in most games are normal some are are bizarre and others are just plain weird. Today we look at 5 game characters that appeared somewhere we don't expect them to be.

5. Scorpion ( Injustice Gods Among Us Mobile Version.)

Sometimes we just don't want to say GET OVER HERE!!! Scorpion was a character from the original and the following Mortal Kombat games he appeared in the mobile version of injustice gods among us back in 2015 as a battle pack character. And he does not breathe fire and does things toasty

4. A Tofu (Resident Evil 4)

So this is what they put in miso soup right? Well what if the tofu has a knife? Well if you complete the game in just 2 minutes, you get the tofu mission what you do is that you are only armed with a knife and you have to get to the chopper on a rooftop. But there are zombies who are trying to kill you. And the cool thing is that the tofu changes color depending on the health. And no when the zombies eat you they don't put you in miso soup.

3. Arnold Schwarzenegger ( WWE 2K16 )

So after the flop which was Terminator Genesys made Arnold in wwe hall of fame. If you are willing  to shell in a few dollars to get as the Terminator from the first and second terminator films. he does not have any special moves or anything it's just time to Que the memes ( #derp John Cena )

2. Meat Man ( Skate 3 )

So this guy wants to meat (GEDDIT!!??) you in a skate competition. You can unlock this skating delicacy by completing the meat man missions in skate 3 you can get this really weird ass skating piece of steak here

1 Barney the Dinosaur ( ??? )

Okay so this one i have no photo because i have no clue where barney is but here's the thing, So you have a giant purple Dino who just looks so cute, But as they said in the show " He loves you He loves me" Don't you just wanna rip his guts out and start singing that song again.

So there are my totally WTF characters in video games.

And here is the gaming logic signing with a'lot and more of your favorite games

BYE NOW ( Creepy feeling starts now)

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